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Business Services

Borealis provides several types of local communication services for your company. 

We are your best choice for Business Internet Access in Anchorage.  We operate a completely independent wireless broadband network, deliver a high quality of business-grade bandwidth and our service levels are always symmetric, which means you get the same level of bandwidth coming in or going out of your business network.  Also, if you connect two or more offices to our infrastructure then you can use Virtual Private Network routers to create secure connections between your office locations with Ethernet-like, low-latency connectivity up to your chosen service level.

To make your choice easier, we have three service categories prepared for you, depending on the type and quality of Internet service you need for your business.  We are also happy to provide custom service levels if your company's needs are not addressed by our standard packages.

  Business Casual Internet Service   This is our entry-level class of service and is tuned to the needs of first-timers or those companies requiring only casual use of the Internet, such as email or surfing.  Light usage translates into rock-bottom prices for this service category. 
  Business Essential Internet Service   This service class fills the gap between the lower-priced DSL or Cablemodem type of services and the very expensive Fractional or full T1 Internet Service.  This service class delivers professional quality, symmetric bandwidth for your business, which you'll appreciate when you have to send out PDF brochures, files, or emails to your clients.  High reliability, extended support hours, public IP address availability and more. 
  Business Critical Internet Service   Our highest category of Business Internet service, this service level is designed to replace your T1 or Fractional T1 connection to the Internet and is for companies that must be connected at all times with the highest quality of service and reliability.  Although this is our highest priced service category, you'll still pay hundreds of dollars less per month than what you're paying for your T1 Internet service and you get local-loop connectivity to multiple offices at no extra charge, regardless of where you connect on our infrastructure.  Compare and save.

Convention and

Video Conferencing Services

  Borealis Broadband provides Professional Quality Symmetric Bandwidth services to Convention and Conference locations including Hotels and other convention sites.  Very reasonable fees, fast provisioning and symmetric bandwidth up to 8 Mbps can turbo-charge your next conference.  Great for professional video-conferencing.

We can also help you with Disaster Preparedness and Recovery.  Our network has many unique advantages that are well-suited to provide Backup or Disaster Recovery functions and we offer two types of services in this category.

  Business Backup Internet Service Designed to provide a backup Internet or Local-loop link for your company that is completely independent.  If your primary link has reliability problems or if you need a backup transport to the Internet or local offices to protect your Business or Government locations, then this is what you want.
  Disaster Recovery Communication An extension of our Business Backup Internet Service, this service is custom-built for your company or government agency.  We include the Backup link and also provide guarantees for rapid service restoration in case a major disaster also damages our own infrastructure.  See our service description page and find out why we're the perfect choice for your Disaster Recovery and Preparedness planning.

Along with our communication services, we offer Miscellaneous Services related to the Internet.  Check our Misc. Services page for options such as additional IP addresses, email accounts, desktop or network consulting and support services.  Tell me more...

Our extensive wireless broadband and data network experience is at your disposal through our Consulting and Engineering services.  From wireless links to wireless infrastructures, from the desktop to enterprise networks, we can assist you with your IT needs at very reasonable rates.  Tell me more...