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Business Backup Internet Service

Borealis Broadband should be part of your Disaster Recovery and Preparedness planning.  An easy way to do this is to start with our Business Backup Internet Service.

This service is intended to provide an alternate "backup" link for your primary Internet or Local Loop data service to protect your business or government agency in case your primary link fails for any reason.

How it works:

We'll install a wireless link to your location at whatever bandwidth level you are currently using for your primary link.  This link will be connected to our infrastructure and will remain online at all times.  Remember, our infrastructure is completely independent of the other guys so it doesn't take a natural disaster to see the value in this, especially if your primary link isn't as reliable as you'd like it to be.

When we install the link, we'll also take a look at your network architecture and we'll recommend the appropriate equipment to be put in place so you can either manually or automatically switch from link to link.  You will now have two completely different access mechanisms to the Internet and for the local loop around Anchorage.

The Business Backup Internet Service is structured as follows:

  The backup link is always online, using a completely independent wireless network infrastructure.  
  You may switch to the backup link for up to three days each month for availability testing.  
  For each day you use the link beyond the three free days, you will be charged a usage fee.  The usage fee will be 10% of our Business Critical monthly bandwidth pricing for the level of bandwidth you've selected, per day.  
  For Example:  Our Business Critical pricing for 1 Mbps is $965 per month (compare this to a Fractional T1).  Therefore, usage beyond the three free days would cost you $96.50 per day for 1 Mbps of symmetric bandwidth.  

Installation:       $350.00*
Monthly Maintenance Fee:       $75.00**
Usage Fee:       10% of Business Critical monthly pricing for the provisioned bandwidth, per day.

* This is our basic installation.  Any additional equipment necessary to implement manual or automatic failover is the customer's responsibility and customized to your network. 

** This is the basic monthly fee to maintain the backup link.  It is separate and in addition to any usage fees assessed.

See our Disaster Recovery Communication page for additional Disaster Recovery and Preparedness services along with a list of reasons why we're your perfect Disaster Preparedness Partner.