Rural Services



Rural Services

Borealis Broadband offers a range of Rural Communication Services.  We can provide your rural community or company location with Satellite Broadband Access as well as Wireless Local Loop connections and even entire village infrastructures.

We apply many of the same principles of our urban wireless broadband network to our Rural service networks with only minor differences.

Instead of a Fiber Optic connection to the Internet, the village will use a Broadband Satellite link, supplied by Borealis.  The resulting Broadband Internet Access from  the satellite is then distributed via a local Wireless Broadband Infrastructure to your home or business.

The Local Wireless Infrastructure is easy to install, highly cost-effective, virtually maintenance-free and can be owned by the Village itself.  The minimum equipment required can easily be housed in a space as small as a closet and broadcast sites are also easily established with equipment located entirely in an outdoor enclosure.  Alternative energy sources can also be utilized such as Solar or Wind power.

By combining a Satellite Internet Feed with a local Broadband Wireless Infrastructure, you unlock the power of Broadband Communication for your entire village at a very affordable price.

Here are just a few examples of the functions such an infrastructure can perform for your village or company location:

Broadband Internet Access   Voice over IP (Telephone)   Online Collaboration
Video Conferencing   Telemedicine   E-Commerce
Distance Education   Local File Sharing   Local Game Servers
Tele-commuting   Remote Telemetry   Worldwide News Resource

All of this power is available to your village or rural location and it is more affordable than you think.   We'll hold your hand from start to finish and even afterwards if you like.  Let Borealis Broadband help you join the Global Community.

Take your village from zero to Broadband in a matter of days!

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