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Business Critical Internet Service

Anchorage Area

This is our highest level of Internet service.  Typical customers for this class of service are those using T1 or Fractional T1 Internet services, transaction-based services or anytime your Internet connection is critical for your business.

Because we own our wireless network and it is completely independent of Telco services, we can offer rates that are much more attractive than Fractional or Full T1 lines to the Internet.  In addition, there are no hidden local line charges regardless of where you connect to our Anchorage network.

This service is monitored and supported 24/7.  IP addresses and/or subnets are assigned as required.  Bandwidth is prioritized and set aside for your dedicated use.  Support requests receive our highest priority and are serviced by Engineers with over ten years experience in the Industry.


Service Details

  • Professional-Quality, High-Reliability Broadband Internet Service
  • Dedicated, Prioritized, Symmetric Bandwidth
  • Unlimited usage
  • IP Addresses and/or subnets assigned as needed
  • Email Domain Hosting and/or Email Backup Server hosting
  • Free! - Burstable - get up to 30% more bandwidth whenever available.
  • Free! -  Email Spam/Virus Filtering
  • Domain Hosting / Secondary DNS hosting
  • Comprehensive Installation Support
  • Network Traffic Graphing
  • 24/7 Support.
  We focus strictly on Internet and related services, delivered across our own infrastructure.   That's why we can provide such a high quality of service - something our business customers have enjoyed  for more than a decade.  

Service levels available from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps*.

Service delivery and pricing is custom-tailored to your company's needs.  Therefore, please call us for a quote.

(907) 563-3278

* Depends on availability in your area.