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Business Essential Internet Service

Anchorage Area

This is our standard class of Business Internet Service designed specifically for Small to Medium-sized businesses that rely on the Internet as part of their business functions.

This service delivers professional-quality, highly reliable symmetric bandwidth and has no usage limits.  When your business relies on your Internet service the same way it relies on its phone lines, then this is the plan you want.  Included with this service category are web hosting, additional public IP addresses, more email accounts and extended support hours.


Service Details

  • Professional-Quality, High-Reliability Broadband Internet Service
  • Symmetric Bandwidth
  • One Static IP Address standard, up to 5 total Public IP addresses available*.
  • Free! - Burstable - get up to 30% more bandwidth whenever available.
  • Free! -  Email Spam/Virus Filtering
  • Multiple computers supported (Requires Firewall Router)
  • Comprehensive Installation Support
  • Free! - Web Space (50 MB), Domain Hosting
  • Free! - Up to 20 email accounts
  • Telephone and On-Site support provided from 07:00 to 20:00.**

* Requires additional router.

** Support is always available but may be billed when provided outside the hours listed.


  We focus strictly on Internet and related services, delivered across our own infrastructure.   That's why we can provide such a high quality of service - something our business customers have enjoyed  for more than a decade.  

Service levels available from 1 Mbps to 50 Mbps*.

Pricing starts as low as $79.99.  Call us for a custom quote for your location! 

(907) 563-3278

* Depends on availability in your area.